Gmail Now Encrypts Every Single E-mail

2014 is the new the year of encryption! There is a good news for Researchers and Developers, Gmail is now more secure then ever. Google announced that they will enhance encryption for it’s Gmail e-mail services to protect there users from government cyber-spying by removing option to turn off HTTPS option which implements SSL encryption on the communication the channel.

From today , Gmail will use encrypted HTTPS secure connection by default when users send or receive emails. Google confirmed that every single message would be encrypted while it travels between the company’s data centre and the user.

Today’s change means that no one can listen in on your messages as they go back and forth between you and Gmail’s servers—no matter if you’re using public WiFi or logging in from your computer, phone or tablet.” Nicolas Lidzborski, Gmail Security Engineering Lead said in a blog post.


Previously Edward Snowden disclosed that the National Security Agency (NSA) is intercepting the emails messages when they travel between company’s data centre and the end user. Google has realized that allowing an unencrypted connection HTTP makes no sense and should be dealt with.

It doesn’t mean that your Gmail email messages are fully secured from government cyber-spying , NSA is till out there and there could be other means to eavesdrop your communications and emails but none the less it is one good step towards better privacy and secure communication.

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