Go anywhere you want to with EasyTaxi.

Don’t have your own conveyance? Good, you ain’t alone in that. Don’t like travelling in those jam-packed buses,sandwiched between two people who give you rude looks if you just can’t stand still? Great-neither do we. Hate leaving the comfort of your AC and go wait for Taxi? Wow we really think alike! But do you know there is someone else who thinks the same and come up with an app called Easy Taxi, for us!

Reach to work with EasyTaxi

Have a comfortable ride with EasyTaxi

A German based Company, Rocket Internet is world’s largest Internet Incubator. Though its team has Ebeen building online companies/start-ups since 1999 but officially they started in 2007 under the name Rocket Internet. In Pakistan they already have several well known ventures; Daraz.pk, Azmalo, Lamudi and Food Panda, which we believe you are familiar with. Easy Taxi is their fifth venture in Pakistan and was first launched in Lahore, Islamabad was their next city and on 30th May 2014, it has finally launched in Karachi as well.

Go anywhere with ease with EasyTaxi

Your conveyance problem solved with EasyTaxi

Now the essential question that needs to be answered is what makes Easy Taxi a better ride than the normal options available to us,as for example the bus,that three-wheeled Rickshaw and now Quinches as well. From security point of view there isn’t anything more reliable than Easy Taxi, the company keeps the ID cards and requisite documents with themselves-thus you can go with the guy without the worry of getting yourself kidnapped:)

The fares are rather higher than what we are used to spending on travel(Rs100 fixed rate plus Rs40/km) but that’s understandable,you don’t get AC and smooth ride in a rickshaw, and yes rickshaws don’t come to your door with just few clicks on your smartphone or a sms.

With EasyTaxi app, get the Taxi at your door step

With EasyTaxi app, get the Taxi at your door step

Like Uber, Easy Taxi allows you to track the location of the taxi that you’ve ordered, via GPS and also informs you when the taxi will arrive at your door. Now with 3G in Pakistan, availing Easy Taxi services using your Smartphones will be easier,no? While with Uber you have a wide variety of rides to choose from according to your style and need, Easy Taxi just have the usual Corollas. But unlike Uber, the fares are same for all the cities in Pakistan in which Easy Taxi is currently operating.


EasyTaxi, just a click away

EasyTaxi, with more than 5,000,000 downloads worldwide, is already a popular and secure mode of transport to opt for. The app is available on AndroidAppStore, Samsung Apps, Downloads for windows and also WebApp. For Pakistan, as many of us don’t have smartphones, Easy Taxi allows you to SMS Taxi at 9900 or even make a call to order one. So now have a hassle free ride to work, and reach your destination kempt and composed!

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