Is your Goli Asli? Asli Goli: Pakistani Startup’s Initiative Against Fake Medicine

Well, answer the question. IS your Goli Asli? Don’t know, do you? Yep, it’s hard to find out if the medicine you are having is real or fake. But get this:


Yes, you read it right. Pretty scary shit, ain’t it? Spending all that money on medicines and you can’t be sure if it’s real. Damn! that’s horrifying. Well worry no more! Asli Goli is here to save the day!

Co-Founded by Saim Siqqigue and powered by i2i, Asli Goli is an SMS based Product Authentication System for pharmaceutical products.

They competed in Startup Asia Singapore and were the only Pakistani Startup to reach the final round! Well, they ended being 2nd runner ups for the event. Way To Go!


Since it is very easy to import medicine manufacturing machines from China and clearing it from the customs, this initiative is very crucial for the identification of real medicines.

The aim behind this initiative is simple and very very essential; Give the people of Pakistan REAL medicines. Counterfeit Medicines are not only just the waste of your money but can also prove to be very dangerous for your health. Who knows they might cause the counter effect of what they are supposed to do and put your life in grave danger!

How they aim to provide (and are already providing) information about the fake medicines is real simple and yet very interesting. They  will sell unique IDs to medicine manufacturers who will then put these codes on each medicine box. But is this applicable to all the manufacturers? Well, it’s pretty difficult so Asli Goli has narrowed down their target. Like I qouted above, “Asli Goli is an SMS based product Authentication System”, so yes all you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Easy right? But the question arises here is that IF they will be able to provide their labels on all the medicine circulating in Pakistan? Well, as answered above, they are narrowing down their target market for now and gonna sell their codes to the premium manufacturers.

We, at BlogoGist, wish Asli Goli the best. Keep up the good work and make Pakistan safe!

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  1. zaeemasif


    What if I get a number of an original medicine and then have that same original medicine number on 100 fake boxes. It will all come down to creating a scratch-able label then.

    How do you counter that ?

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