Good News For Facebook Page Owners

Hey You.. yes You! do you own a page or pages on Facebook? Do you find the current Facebook page management confusing or a little difficult to understand?

Yep! we got some good news for you! Facebook is coming up with “A Streamlined Look for Pages” to help the Facebook page owners as well as the users in finding the information that they are looking for easily!

Here is what to expect!

good news for facebook page owners

This is the new look that Facebook is planning out for your pages. Neat or what?

Main Features:

1. The column on the right side of your timeline will display all your Page’s posts. This one-column display means that all of your posts will appear consistently on your Page and in the News Feed.

2. The column on the left side of your timeline carries information about your business, including a map, your hours of business, phone number and website URL, as well as photos and videos. (Like this! )

3. You can easily access the main admin tools as shown in the image below!


you can now view information about the ads you’re running and new likes on your Page, as well unread notifications and messages. You can click on any section in the This Week section for more detail.

4. New pages to Watch Feature allows admins to create a list of Pages similar to their own and compare the performance of their Page with that of the businesses they care about.


On the “Overview” tab of Page Insights admins will see some key stats about the Pages they are watching. The “Posts” tab of Page Insights includes a feature to view the past week’s most engaging posts from the Pages you’re watching.

What do you think about this new Facebook page layout?? pretty neat? don’t like it? Share your views with us in the comments section below!

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