Google Bids Farwell To Orkut

If you still have an account on Orkut, we’re afraid you will have to delete it as Google has decided to shut down Orkut this year in September, the reason being the social networking site wasn’t able to make a profitable business. The Orkut app too will be deleted from Apple and PlayStore but those who have it downloaded can use it till September 30th 2014.

orkut closing down

orkut shutting down

Google will keep the community archives saved but those of you who don’t want their posts and names to appear in the archives must delete their accounts permanently. According to the Engineering Director of Google the reason they are shutting down Orkut is that ” Youtube, Google+ and Blogger has out-paced Orkut’s growth” .

Orkut App

Orkut App

Orkut is used widely in Brazil and India but apart from that, it wasn’t able to attract many users in other regions of the world, all thanks to Facebook. Launched in the same year Facebook was founded, Orkut was not able to compete with Facebook which has around 1.28 billion users and is now the top most social networking website.

As said earlier, Google will keep the data save till September 2016 and users can export their data through Google Takeout. Orkut users have the option to connect their account with Google+ but that won’t ensure transfer of their files, data on Orkut. Google has not yet provide any easier means to transfer/save the data but users can export their photos to Google+.

Which of the Social Networking websites are used WorldWide

Which of the Social Networking websites are used WorldWide

With Google’s social networking head also resigning from Google, it is not clear what Google has planned for its social networking sector. Google+, which is mostly used as providing a common platform for all the accounts associated with Google, be it YouTube,gmail or Blogger, can not be considered as the social networking website.

Will Google+, which gets 300+million users a month, fill in the void of social networking site for Google or should we anticipate something bigger and better as a replacement for Orkut ? Only time will tell what next to look forward to.

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