Google Drive have reduced the rates

Google made Google Drive back in 2012 to provide free 5GB cloud storage to there users to upload documents , folders , images and music etc. These files would be only visible to the Owner of the files and they can share it too if they want. Users can only upload files till the limit of 5 GB but if you want more then there are different packages for that and Now its widely available as Google have released its Official Android app and iOS app.

Google Drive the best file storage site  and the most famous  have reduced the prices to make it more attractive as compared to DropBox , Google Drive is better.





As Dropbox is providing only 2 GB for free but Google Drive is providing 5 GB for free. The 100 GB package now costs $1.99 per month . The 1 TB plan has received 50% of price cut as at the beginning it was $49.99 but now it only costs $9.99 , that’s a big difference.

Need More ? Now the 10+ TB plan is costing $99.99 now monthly. If your already paying for Google Drive then you’ll be automatically converted to a new plan.



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