Google Is Up For A New Challenge-Google Domain

The concept of providing domain and reliable webhosting is not new. With GoDaddy, for just Rs 329 a month you can have your own domain name and for Rs. 109 a month you can build your website! GoDaddy is not the only one providing cheap, reliable domain and webhosting services. We have BlueHost and HostGator as well. Now with these established webhoster ruling the webhosting market, Google too want to set its feets in the market with Google Domain.

Google Domain

Google Domain

GoDaddy with its 12 million customers and 57 million domains is leading the market. Most of these hosting services provide unlimited bandwith, disk space and add-on domains. You can contact 24/7 when having trouble with the set up and they provide automated back-up. When people are getting all these features at reasonable price will they opt out for Google Domain?

Google Domain

Google experimenting with webhosting with Google Domain

According to Google’s research 55% of small businesses still dont have their websites.In order to help small businesses reach wider audience Google has decided to build their own domain registration service. Right now it is in process, as Google says ““We’re beginning to invite a small number of people to kick the tires on Google Domains, a domain registration service we’re in the process of building,”. Those who are really interested should apply. The process is very simple, you choose a domain name that stand out and can even create a nice website.

Domain names and internet concept

Creating a website is optional and the service is offered by Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace. For web hosting you will have to pay a bit extra but then you will be able to customize your website and have features that let you enjoy e-commerce, drag and drop and mobile site management.

Its too early to depict a future for Google Domain but we wish them all the very best. Google has never disappointed us and we hope the same this time too.

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