Google’s Self Driving Bicycles Introduced In Netherlands

Google has launched a self driving bicycle in Netherlands. The best thing is, it can route on it’s own, you don’t have to worry about controlling it. You can even call it to where you are, no need to go in search of it. Yes, you can do so with an app. Pretty cool, isn’t it?!


Google also decided to add two additional features. First, you can request the bike to pick you up wherever you are and they developed a “comfort mode,” adjusting the pedals to a perfect resting position.

Check out this video to find out how it works!

Now here is the best part.. It’s a prank!!

In an obvious spoof of its self-driving cars, Google Netherlands launched a parody video on Friday highlighting its new product: self-driving bicycles.

Although the clip is simultaneously poking fun at America’s car culture, self-driving innovation and the Netherlands’s bike culture, it’s not inconceivable and could easily be the norm one day.

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