Pakistani App Gullu Hits Android Devices

Yep, it’s the same notorious Gullu Butt that attained the heights of fame in only a few hours in the Model Town incident. What did you think? he would be limited to the televisions and newspapers? Nope! Gullu Butt has hit the Play Stores now! In the game, Gullu does the same thing as he did in Model Town.. damage the cars! You can access the game on Google Play under the name “Gullu”.


Now everyone can become the lovable Gullu Butt! Take a club and smash the living headlights out of that car! Collect the pieces and score points!

The game has been developed by WeirdScience, not much known about it yet, but i am sure we will update you with them asap!

The gameplay is primarily simple. Considering the fame of Gullu Butt and what he did in Model Town Lahore recently, the title may push users to play this relatively easy game.

Players have to break cars by swiping the stick and afterwards they have to collect glass pieces by clicking on them before they hit the ground, torn off by none other than Gullu himself.

The situation associated with Gullu Butt has been well portaited by adding Policemen and a lion. But there is a slight problem.. There is no Exit button so you can’t exit the game. 

In the end, the statement, “nawa ayaaen tey cha gya aen THA ker k” will surely amaze and entertain you at the same time!

Here are some of the reviews the game has recieved so far…

Khoobsurti Yeh game aap ko gta 5 ki dunia mein lay jaati hai. Gullu butt san andreas mein ho k gariaan tortay huay… Amazing..

Rizwan Saleem says…

Haha.. Pathetic but awesome.. Game industry is revolutionized. 😛 That Lion.. Hahahaha.. 😀 Developer may not earn money frm it but have earn support from many PTI and PAT fellows. Hats off.. Clothes off.. Socks off.. Developer you are love.. 😀

and many more.. Download the Game HERE and enjoy being Gullu Butt on your Androids!

So, gonna play it? What do you think? Do share with us in comments section below. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+ 24/7.

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