Hackers Reveal Microsoft Sharing Information With FBI

Till now we all were aware about the truth that tech companies gave legal access to user data on government’s request but we’re unaware that big tech companies also charge government to provide users data.


Syrian Electronic Army ( SEA) , a Pro-Hacking group which hacked into Microsoft’s blog and twitter account and even Microsoft admitted that there blog was compromised but this time SEA have achieved something bigger then we expected.

This time SEA have compromised into FBI’s super-secret Digital Intercept Technology Unit (DITU) , where they found they actual invoices of Microsoft detailing how much each request cost which means Microsoft charges for every document they provide to FBI Agents.


These Invoices shows that Microsoft charged DITU $145,100 in November 2012 , at a rate of $100 per data request. In August 2013 the per-request rate increased to $200 but in November 2013 Microsoft started charging $281,000 per request.


These invoices shows us that how frequently  government calls tech companies for information and it might be possible that Microsoft is not the only tech company who is selling Its user data.

The hacking group SEA is famous for hacking into Forbes Skype ,  CNN and PayPal by using different techniques.


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