I am Hisham Sarwar, CEO at Infomist. Let’s Chit Chat!

Hi everyone!

Hisham Sarwar

I am Hisham Sarwar, Owner and CEO at Infomist Services. I am a Pakistani Freelancer, Social Tech Entrepreneur and Digital Philanthropist who likes to work at his own pace and is contributing in providing solutions to real life problems in Pakistan.

After starting my first regular job, I realized pretty soon that as a creative designer, i needed to work at my own pace and needed to get out of the box. And that is exactly what i did! I started freelancing alongside my regular job in 2007 and soon went solo to provide web design/development services to clients on freelance marketplaces like Elance, Freelancer and Guru. In past five years, i have only focused on Guru and that has rightly paid off and I have made $1 Million in Freelancing!

Success was never a part of the plan, I never thought I would own a big design firm, called Infomist, and maintain top seed with guru.com for 14 consecutive months.

Infomist is a team of 30+ competitive designers/developers/Bd’s with front office in Ireland and back office in Pakistan.

I am working hard in order to give something back to the country. Some of my social solutions include: Konbola, TrueDrops and BeingGuru

Got something to ask? Let’s Chit Chat! I am happy to answer any questions related to:

  • Entrepreneurship in Pakistan.
  • Freelancing in Pakistan.
  • Creative Designing.

Note from the Admin: The host may choose at his preference to not answer particular questions. This Chat Chat is moderated by the Admins, so let’s keep the questions friendly. :)


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  1. Hi Hisham! Thank you very much for doing this Chit Chat with us today, I will get the ball rolling by asking the first question. What is Freelancing in your understanding? Would you mind telling us about it a bit so that it’s easier for people who are interested in Freelancing to know what they will be getting into?

  2. Faizan

    Great fan of your work. Why did you choose to be a Freelancer? Was it only the need to work at your own Pace, or was there something else that motivated you?

  3. Zain

    Hi Hisham! Freelancers usually just like to earn. But not you, what is your objective behind doing social projects?

  4. Hasham

    I have this issue like any beginners. Most beginners face this issue where they bid but don’t get any work. What would you suggest them to do?

  5. Mahad

    All your projects are pretty unique. KonBola, TrueDrops, Rozgar Pakistan and now BeingGuru. Can you tell us a little bit about choosing these projects? What made you go for these projects?

  6. Zeeshan

    I have been following you for a while now. What are the key features in becoming a successful Freelancer like you?

  7. Sadiya

    Do you think Freelancing is easier than the actual jobs that you do in offices and that? How would you justify your answer?

  8. Anwar

    How has your experience been as a Freelancer? Can you explain a bit about how a beginner can start freelancing without having any recommendations etc. Will people still choose a newbie?

  9. Arwa

    Guru.com has seeded you in their top10 freelancers on the portal. That’s quite an achievement. What are your ingredients to such great success?

  10. Zulfiqar

    Lots of Freelancers face this problem where they try to bag some projects but have never had any luck. What would you suggest to get potential projects?

  11. Samia

    Do you think proposals play a key role is getting a project? What do are think are they key features to be included in the proposals?

  12. Ali

    Just following your conversation right now. You said its better than actual job. But isn’t it as stressful? I think its even more stressful because you have more pressure on only yourself. What are your insights?

  13. Ahmad

    How important is the client retention when it comes to Freelancing? And what do you think are the most important factors?

  14. Fawad

    It is said that Pakistan isn’t producing as many quality graduates as it can. While the number of grads is very high, the industry ready among them are a small percentage. What are your thoughts on this?

  15. Suleman

    How can you effectively promote your services online? Because I think that’s the key to successfully landing a project. Your thoughts?

  16. Faqia

    Rozgar Pakistan is a great initiative for Pakistani Freelancers, what are you future plans regarding Rozgar Pakistan?

  17. Ashir

    Sir there is so much fraud in freelancing. People get them done and don’t pay and things happen. Can you suggest any way to find out which is real and fake?

  18. Amir Zaka

    Do you think Pakistani government is doing enough for Freelancer as they are earning a big amount in Freelancing market now? Your ideas?

  19. Thank you Hisham once again for doing this Chit Chat with us. I will now wrap the live segment up with a final question, what final piece of advice advice would you give our Freelancers?

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