Hitachi blamed for swelling Samsung batteries

If you’ve used the very popular  Samsung Galaxy S3  , there’s a chance of you to be the one of  unlucky ones which experienced the swelling of the Samsung batteries. The same thing happened with Note and Note 2 .

The swelling of the battery bended the back cover of the phone and sometimes the swelling of the battery occurred after the warranty period which made the owners angry.






Now it has been discovered that the fault is not with Samsung but with Hitachi. Hitachi has admitted the fault of the swelling of the batteries. The reason of the swelling of the batteries were that the water vapours was allowed to get inside while it was being manufactured.  Now the issue has been fixed and It won’t happen again now in upcoming smart phones, Most of the  batteries infected by water vapour were manufactured in 2012.

As dealing to complaints , Samsung was forced to offer free batteries replacements by the Korea Consumer Agency.

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  1. Priodeep Chowdhury

    I have faced the same problem. And now my problem is, after 70% charge disposal, the device get crazy and starts to blink and shut down within a moment . And of-course the battery percentage goes down to zero . Very poor battery technology i have ever seen and faced with samsung. :( solution required.

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