How to Add Cheats in Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC


Grand Theft Auto 5 probably the biggest open world game ever, has attracted more than 3 billion people from whole of the world and it’s only that people who are not actual Gamers. With actual Gamers the number of GTA5’s players i.e lovers is increased up to 5 billion. #amazing

The Game touches the peaks of thrill due to it’s adventurous and mind-bursting missions. Although, People enjoy it’s amazement a lot, yet there are some things by which Gamers can grasp more fun in the game. For example, you may want infinite ammunition or may be a speedy sports car with out bothering to walk on game map and searching for it. For this there exist some Cheats for almost every game.

So, let us cheer you guys with the Cheats of GTA5 to help you play the game the way you want to.


  1. Press the following key on your keyboard while playing the game:-










2. You must see the following pop-up box in front of you:-

GTA5 Cheat Box

3. Now pick any of the following cheat and write it in the Cheat Code Box and press Enter

4. Thats it! Your Cheat must work now :)

Cheat                    Effect

LIQUOR                                                                       Activates the Drunk Mode

HIGHEX                                                                       Explosive Ammo Rounds

HOTHANDS                                                                Explosive Melee Attacks

CATCH ME                                                                  Fast run

TBA                                                                               Fast Swim

INCENDIARY                                                               Flaming Bullets

PAINKILLER                                                                 Invincibility

FUGITIVE                                                                    Raise wanted level

LAWYERUP                                                                 Lower Wanted Level by One Star

TURTLE                                                                        Max Health & Armor

POWERUP                                                                   Recharges the special ability of character

SKYFALL                                                                      Spawns the character for a smooth free fall

DEADEYE                                                                     Slow Motion Aim

SKYDIVE                                                                       Parachute

MAKEITRAIN                                                               Change Weather

FLOATER                                                                      Moon Gravity

SNOWDAY                                                                    Slippery Cars

SLOWMO                                                                      Makes the Game Play Slower

BANDIT                                                                         BMX bicycle is spawned

BUZZOFF                                                                      Small fighter helicopter is spawned

COMET                                                                          Two door sports car Comet is spawned

VINEWOOD                                                                  Limousine is spawned

ROCKET                                                                        PCJ-600 sports motor bike is spawned

RAPIDGT                                                                      Two door sports car GTR is spawned

OFFROAD                                                                     Dual-sport (dirt) bike is spawned

BARNSTORM                                                               Stunt Aero plane is spawned

TRASHED                                                                      Garbage Truck is spawned

DEATHCAR                                                                   Locked Duke O’Death Car is spawned

EXTINCT                                                                        Dodo Airplane is spawned

Enjoy the Cheats and keep visiting Blogogist for more :)

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