How to Block Stupid Candy Crush Notifications

Well, are you tired of getting irrelevant notifications not just from Candy Crush but from different apps or games from Facebook? This “How To” post is just dedicated to getting rid of such stupid notifications and make some peace in your life. 

It will not take more than 2 seconds to block it. Getting excited?! Well, here you go then: 

  1. Go to notificafions (On Android or iPhone or any other such phone or tablet). Mine is iPhone while the time of writing this post. 
  2. Simply swap left on the notification you received. 
  3. Click on More. 
  4. Click on “Turn off notifications from this app”. Tada! Have some great days back to your life. 

Here we have a quick snapshot of how it looks like.   

And clicking more will bring the turn off tab. 

Thank later. Have a great day!

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