How to Clear All Cache in Windows 10


Windows 10 released on July 29, 2015, was the most awaited Operating System of Microsoft.Windows 10 drives the PC Platform a way better than it’s previous OS with it’s powerful and productive features.In fact, it is a user friendly and reliable OS.

But, we all face a very swear problem of Slow Efficiency for almost every Operating System.The very main reason of it is Excess of Temporary Files i.e Cache.Temporary Files are the instructions of System Software and Operating System itself, which they save to be available for use in future needs.

Now we will explain how to remove All Cache from your PC permanently.


  1. Go to Start Menu and open Settings
  2. Type “disk” in Search Field
  3. Select the Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files option

Disk Clean Up

4. Now you must have following Pop Up Menu in front of you

Disk Clean Up

5. Select the Drive containing your Windows 10 OS i.e C Drive and hit OK

6. Now Check in the Temporary Files you want to delete and hit OK

Temporary Files

That’s it!

Now you can enjoy Fast Efficiency of your PC.

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