How to Crack Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC



Grand Theft Auto 5 the most adventures, exciting and open world game which has mapped whole Los Santos in it. 3 characters Michel,Trevor and Franklin add in the adventures beauty of GTA 5 and make game more exciting to play. In fact, by the Gamer point of view, there are not enough words to explain the charm of GTA5’s story mode, missions, robberies and gun fighting etc. It actually is an interesting game to play whether on XBOX or on PC.

However, a very annoying problem that Gamer’s face is the Registration of GTA5 as it is a heavily paid game. It costs up to $60 to buy and register GTA5 from Rockstar’s Online Social Club.

But now, wait is over and we have made a Crack for Game Lovers like us to enjoy free play of GTA5.


We assume you have Grand Theft Auto 5 installed already in your PC else Download and Install it properly. Now follow the steps below:-

  1. Download the Crack files from here: Download
  2. Copy and paste all 3 crack files to installed directory of GTA5 (where you have installed GTA5)
  3. Right Click on the file Game Launcher.exe and select Run as administrator

Thats it!

You’r Cracked Game Grand Theft Auto 5 is ready. Enjoy the fun and thrill of GTA5.

Game View of GTA 5
Game View of GTA 5


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