How To Disable Automatic Apps Updates On Your iOS


This feature on Apple’s iOS devices allows all apps to get updates automatically when you connect to the Internet. This may be useful and handy thing but at the same times it can be problematic because having this feature on can suck your Internet limit, specially when you are connected to the Internet through your mobile data, without your knowledge. If you have set limit for your internet you might want to disable this thing on your iOS device

Heres how to disable automatic updates for all apps on your iOS device.


  1. Open up Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Navigate and select iTunes & App Store.
  3. Now just trigger the option Updates to off side.
    Turn Off Updates
    Turn Off Updates


  4. You can also turn off cellular usage only just by turning off the Use Cellular Data option underneath that and then use Wi-fi only to auto update apps.
    Turn Off Cellular Data


Done. Now you can save your metered mobile data from download apps automatically.



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