How To Do Unit Conversions In Spotlight On Mac



Mac OS is always known for its best design and super friendly user interface. Mac OS features have always been step ahead from all other competitors. Probably, the most good thing ever happened to software industry. Mac OS have always been admired for its stability and cool new handy feature they always try to introduce in their updates. And this time How Strings brings a very handy tech tutorial about making conversions in Mac OS search spotlight.

Here’s how you can do it just in a while.


  1. Open spotlight Search.
  2. Simply type in the unit or currency or measuring lenght you wish to convert to local values. For instance if you live in Japan and wish to convert Dollars you would simply type “$100”.
  3. Make your choice in which currency, as for instance presented here, you want to convert.

You can do  any type of conversions like length, weight, temperature and more! Even you can use calculator out there directly. Enjoy the handy features of your Apples Mac OS. Happy Macing!



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