How To Enable Caps Lock On Your iOS device



You just got your new Apple’s iOS device switching from another device may be Android or Windows most probably. You must be admiring Apple’s great iOS design and ease and now you want something to be type all in all in upper caps without touching the arrow key again and again. So how do you enable caps lock in your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9+?

Here is simple and brief tech tutorial on how to enable caps lock in Apple’s devices.


  1. Open up text messaging app on your iOS device.
  2. Navigate to Shift key. Shift key is the key showing an arrow upwards.
  3. Just double tap on it and write your message.
    iOS keyboard
    Enabling Caps Lock On iPad

Thats how you can type any sentence in your text all in upper case letters without pressing the arrow key again and again. To disable this feature you can go to your Settings>General>Keyboard and then turn offEnable Caps Lock option.

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