How To Fix Windows 10 App Store Error Code 0x80073cf9



So Microsoft finally released the most awaiting Windows 10 to its users across the world. As usual, the company offered its Windows 10 OS as an update to users running original copies of Windows 8.1 or with Windows 7. Windows 10 is currently installed on more 100 million PCs (#wow). However, that doesn’t mean that everything in that OS is as good as they wanted to be. Despite of many testing of OS by Technical Consultants and Developers or QAs, the final build has quite a few issues and bugs, which is yet need to be resolved by Microsoft.

Heres how to resolve Windows 10 App store issues specifically if you are getting error message code 0x80073cf9.


  1. Check the folder AppReadiness in C:\Windows\.
  2. Create it manually (if it doesn’t exist already) in the same directory wit the folder same folder name as C:\Windows\AppReadiness.
  3. Reboot your PC.

It should be working now on restart and apps will gonna download again as expected without any errors.

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