How To Hide SMS Preview On Your iOS Device



Apple’s iOS devices are very famous now a days among the present generation. And no doubt Apple mean it when they present their device to the world. As mentioned earlier, Apple is known for its stability, speed and flawless designs for both that is hardware as well as software.

Well, one of the most common problem you face is the horrible, terrible, not good, bad preview of the message you received. I mean like seriously dude I don’t want share even a single word my personal messages with some anon. Just imagine you have placed your iPhone on the table with screen faceup and there is friend of yours with you. Within a no time a text come, I love you too from someone special or Go to sleep right now!by your lovely mom. Oops. You really don’t want share anything like that with someone. Even you don’t have such problems you might be feeling not comfortable with this thing.  But not to worry now. Just follow the simple strings below to cop up with it.


  1. Open up Settings on your iOS deivce.
  2. Go to Notifications.
  3. Navigate to Messages.
  4. In the space below Alert Style, just toggle the Show Previews option to off.

Done! Now you can safely receive your SMS with full confidence. Like it? Then share it with your friends now!


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