How to Log Out Of Facebook Messenger On Your Android Mobile

How to Log Out Of Facebook Messenger On Your Android Mobile

Not long ago, Facebook team decided to forcefully introduce and install Facebook messenger on mobile devices. Sadly, the Facebook messenger app dose not include a log out button like the one we have in Facebook app. Once you logged into that Facebook messenger there is not a simple way to get out of it and guess what? Lot of people are disliking this thing. O Facebook! Why you do that. But not to worry now. Here is a simple short tutorial on how to log out of a Facebook messenger on your mobile devices in easy steps.


  1. Close the Facebook Messenger app completely and clear all the background app list.
  2. Go your Settings.
  3. Navigate to Application Manager.
  4. Search for Facebook Messenger app.
  5. Tap on it and select the option Clear Data.

Now when you open your messenger app again you will your name only but not signed in. If you completely want to sign out from it that even your name dose not show then you have to sign out from your Facebook app too.

If you have any questions post it in comments below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy teching!

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