How to Monitor Network Data Usage in Windows 10

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Global Village!! Yeah that’s what we call today’s world as our lives are highly connected with internet. In every field of life we depend on internet either directly or indirectly. We have internet access in all our  gadgets i.e laptops,mobile phones and even in digital watches now. We surf internet for our official affairs, entertainment, news and much more. However, there is a thing to notice especially for Laptop/PC users about Network Data Usage. 

One must keep an eye on his/her Data Usage that which apps and softwares are consuming internet data excessively. There are some apps in Windows which remain running in background. Although most of them help Windows users, yet we need to Monitor and control them in order to have better internet speed for our desired task.

So, here’s the way to Monitor Network Data Usage and control it.

First Method:


  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on your keyboard to open Task Manager
  2. Click on More details to view complete details of working apps

Task Manager

3.  Now Click on App History in the upper bar

4.  There you can see Data Usage History of all your external apps

App History

Second Method:


  1. Go to Settings from start menu
  2. Click on Network and Internet option
  3. Click on Data Usage option in left column
  4. Here you can see your Network Data Usage of last 30 days
Network Data Usage
Network Data Usage

5.  For Detailed info you may click on Usage details

Now you can have a check mark on your Network Data Usage and manage to control it.

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