How To Remove Windows Startup Items to Fix Your Slow Computer


Got a Windows PC? Is it running slow? Lagging? Does your Windows PC think before it can run some application you choose or it take a while long after startup? Well, the problem often starts its roots due to the programs and software installed by users. A really less of them you actually need, while majority you do not want. Even all of it you know, no one bothers to remove them. The startup items you have on your Windows PC actually draining your battery as well as one of the major cause for slow Windows PC. It only takes a very few steps to kill them all and make your PC newer.

The easy way to detect and remove hogging programs is to use a good verified third party app. In this case we are using Revo Uninstaller.


  1. Download Revo Uninstaller.
  2. Open it. From the main user interface, select the option Tools. Then select AutoRun Manager. From there you can see a list of startup items on your PC.
    Revo Uninstaller
    Revo Uninstaller
  3. Uncheck the programs you think you are not using or think that could be the cause of hogging a memory.
  4. Revo Uninstaller will now disable those startup apps.
  5. Restart.

Thats it. Now the startup apps are disabled and your PC’s performance should be better now.

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