How To Run Windows OS On Your Mac



One of the best thing of having a Mac is you can enjoy the awesome experience of having Mac OS X and Microsoft’s Windows on the same machine. Now that, as all we know, Microsoft has launched its all new Windows 10, that means you can also run Windows 10 and OS X on the same Mac machine you have with you.

Now we will explain how to install and run Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp. But bear in mind that this isn’t the only method, but a reliable one.


  1. An Intel-based Mac machine
  2. A Microsoft Windows installation media or disk having version of 64 bit (Better if Windows 8 or later)
  3. An Apple keyboard and an Apple Mouse
  4. 55 GB or more of free space on startup drive of Mac


  1. Check your System Requirement on your Mac and match it with Windows Disk Requirement to see if your machine is eligible or not.
  2. You must have Windows file in the from of ISO file.
  3. Now open your Boot Camp Assistant. Boot Camp Assistant guide you how to install Windows on your Mac machine. Open this app by going to the Utilities folder in the Applications folder and then followup the onscreen instructions for auto re-partition your disk and download necessary drivers for Windows.
  4. Now format your Windows partition. When the assistance is complete, your Mac will auto restarts to the Windows installer. When you’re asked where you want to install Windows, select theBOOTCAMP partition, and the hit format.
  5. Now simply install your Windows OS by following on-screen instructions.
  6. Restart. After installation, you can now switch between Mac OS X or Microsoft’s Windows. Use the Startup Disk preference pane in OS X, or the Boot Camp system tray item in Windows to select your startup disk, then restart your computer. Thats it!

Now you can enjoy dual boot operating system on your Mac machine.


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