How To Sleep Or Restart Your Apple TV From Remote

You can restart your Apple TV by going into menu and then select the desired operation but why bothering even this when you can perform any of the one task directly from your Apple TV’s remote control device.

Going through the menu and then finding the options just to restart or to sleep your Apple TV can be tedious sometimes. Although Apple has introduced great interface and ease to navigate through Apple’s TV menu but why so long cut when you can make it right from your remote control.

Apple TV remote consist of simple and unique design. It only consists of single track pad and have only six buttons on it. Yet you can use button combinations to perform any certain task. Here is simple and short tutorial on how you can restart or sleep your Apple TV right from your remote control.


  1. To restart your Apple TV from your remote control simply press and hold the Menu and Homebuttons on your remote until the tiny white colored light on the front of Apple TV starts blinking. Release the buttons afterwards and your Apple TV will surely be restart now.
    Apple TV restart or sleep
    Restarting Apple TV


  2. To put your Apple TV on sleep mode you can press and hold home Home button and your Apple TV will show up a confirmation message if you want to sleep your device or not. Touch the center of the track pad confirming the operation.
    Sleep Mode Apple TV
    Sleep Mode Apple TV


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