How To Transfer Pictures From Your PC To Your iOS device



Now a days, Apple’s  iOS devices becoming very much popular. They are replacing the device called cameras. To view your pictures on iOS device, you can sync them all to your cloud service offered by Apple to store them and then you can have them to see online. But, what if you want to see your photos offline? Transferring your media to your iOS device is as easy as you can think of. After all its Apple bro.


  1. To start the process, connect your iOS device to your PC via any USB cable. Open up the iTunes and then click the tiny phone icon which you can see for your device in the upper-left corner.iTunes
  2. Now go to Photos under settings in the left side pane.iTunes
  3. Now select Sync Photos so the option is marked ticked.iTunes
  4. To sync the main folder that contain your pictures, select Choose folder from the Copy photos from drop-down menu options.iTunes
  5. On the “Change Photos Folder Location”, go to the main pictures folder, open it up, and select “Select Folder”.iTunes
  6. To sync all the subfolders from the main folder, just select the default selection of All folders. To only sync specific sub folder in the main selected folder, click the Selected folders.iTunes Apple Sync Photos
  7. To start syncing photos from your PC to  your iOS device, select Apply option in iTunes window as shown.iTunes
  8. Now you can see the sync process at the top of iTunes window.iTunes

Once this process is completed, you can see your photos/pictures on your iOS device offline. Thats it.


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