How To View Your WiFi Password On Your Win


Hey ! What is the password to the wifi you are connected with? Did you changed the old and default password? If no, then you can easily check it by going through the wifi device you are connected with. But if you did change your password, you are connected with and you want to tell your homie or cousin sitting besides you then what? Not to worry. You can check your wifi password you are connected with in few seconds by following some simple steps shown below.


  1. Open up the Control Panel on your Windows  PC and click on “View network status and tasks” hovering under the Network and Internet. 
  2. Select the name of the current Wifi connection, you are connected with, to the right of “Connections”.
  3. Navigate and click the “Wireless Properties”  option in the WiFi Status window that appears in front of you.
    Wi-Fi Status Windows

    Wi-Fi Status Windows


  4. Click the “Security” tab and mark the “Show characters” option as ticked in checkbox to view the hidden password of the wifi connection you are connected with.
    Windows WIFI Password

    View Your Password


Thats how you can view your password to the connections you are connected with. Follow How Stirngs for more of great tech tutorials and reviews.

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