How To Write C++ Program To Convert Decimal Number Into Binary Number


This is a simple C++ code that converts any decimal number into binary number system. The program takes input from user in decimal number form and return output in binary number system using a recursive function that takes decimal number as a parameter for it.

The C++ program is successfully compiled and run on a Windows OS system using Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2013.


Enter any decimal number: 2

After converting 2 in binary form 0010


//Program to Convert Decimal number into Binary number

using namespace std;

void binary(int num)
int rem;

if (num <= 1)
cout << num;
rem = num % 2;
binary(num / 2);
cout << rem;

int main()
int dec, bin;
cout << “Enter any decimal number : “;
cin >> dec;

if (dec < 0)
cout << dec << ” Seems not a positive number. Try another one next time.” << endl;
cout << “After converting ” << dec << ” into binary form: “;
cout << endl;
return 0;

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