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Everyone of us loves to engage with more and more interesting content on Facebook. This happens with everyone but the question is what’s the best way to get the most out of it? You can like movies, technology pages, personalities and even comics, etc. but how would you get the most important updates that you would love to see?

The question has almost been answered by Facebook itself which is working on improving the way you see updates in your news feed. For this purpose, Facebook has launched a survey that you can take in a few seconds by clicking on any post on the following option:

Screenshot_3Once you start taking the survey, you would be shown different post patterns that are of your interest and you can rate what is the best you would like to see.



Here you go! Facebook will ask you gently what you like and what not! You can agree, disagree or stay neutral to the posts shown to you while this survey. This will help the Facebook getting the right choice for your news feed.


What an amazing idea to get the most out of it and Facebook is constantly trying to stay the least annoying entity for you every day! After you take the survey, it will ask you if you like to do more customization to your news feeds and it’s all up to you!



Try it out and let us know how you feel about this? Whether you get the results you like to see or still the same? Don’t forget to come by again!


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