Indian Banks Upgrading ATMs To Linux

As previously we reported that Microsoft is pulling out their Windows XP support after 8 April. Most of the ATM’s around the world are still running on Windows XP but If they still stick to it then the ATM’s might be hacked and Hackers may steal some important data and transfer some money.

Many banks have arranged to pay Microsoft millions of dollar but not in India ! India will move there ATM’s to  BOSS Linux (Bharat Operating System Solutions) which is an open source and free of cost and not as vulnerable as Windows XP.  India has 115,000 ATM’s across the country but the end of Windows XP will not affect them as they’re prepared to transfer the ATM’s to linux when Microsoft will end its Windows XP support.



IBA says neither branches nor cash vending machines will be shut down once Microsoft stops support for the system from April 8.

Banks are definitely well-prepared and the industry is seized of the matter. I am very sure that you will not see a problem where ATMs or bank counters are shut because of this,” said the industry lobby’s chief executive MV Tanksale at an event in Mumbai. “Only the old ATMs may face some problem as all the newer machines are running on newer platforms,” he added.

Well , moving ATMs to a linux operating system would be a better choice than running other Windows version as Linux is open source, inexpensive and not as vulnerable as Windows.

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