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Amer Qureshi, a well known pride of Pakistan, having huge experience in Chartered Accountancy, Business Advisor, an excellent Author and Motivator. He was born and bred in Pakistan, but having spent most of his professional life in Australia, Amer has developed a passion for helping business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to improve their lives. This passion has led him to write three books, mentoring entrepreneurs, develop numerous seminars and TV Shows with the aim of motivating and inspiring people helping them achieve big in their life. Currently, he is also the founder of My Biz Pakistan Foundation an enterprise platform established to help young people start a real business

Amer Qureshi - My Biz Pakistan Foundation

Amer Qureshi – My Biz Pakistan Foundation


An excellent, mentor speaker and presenter Amer has contributed to the development of a large number of professionals and business owners in Australia, Pakistan and Dubai. During a career spanning more than 25 years Amer has held senior management positions with leading firms. He has also owned managed his own accounting and consulting firms in all three Australia, Pakistan and Dubai.


His aims in life to Educate, Motivate and Inspire people and to add value to Organizations whenever and wherever possible.


He provides training , mentoring and consulting services to everywhere in the world.

Live On-Air Today

An inspiring person he is, we can get a chance to watch him live on a TV Show and get some valuable information based on his immense experience on a show called KAHO broadcast by ATV. The show is planned at 6pm today, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get the best insights of his Foundation and lifelong experience. He will be talking about Leadership and Entrepreneurship. 

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A Look-back At His Career 

Amer Qureshi, FCA is a highly experienced, finance and management professional with an excellent track record in senior management across several industries and in many countries. Amer has completed a project for Enterprise Qatar, a semi government organization established to develop the SME sector and created a culture of Entrepreneurship in the Country. Amer was the CFO of the organisation and involved in all major projects at the strategic level.

Amer has also been the Director of the Entrepreneurship and SME Centre at LUMS as well as being a faculty member of the Business School.

As a highly experienced consultant, Amer specializes in Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Financial Planning and Leadership and has undertaken projects in Australia, Dubai, Kenya and Pakistan. Amer has extensive experience in the SME sector and has also been actively involved with new venture creation for many years.

He is highly regarded for his excellent presentation and communication skills and prides himself on his ability to motivate and inspire people. A sought after speaker and presenter at events and conferences, he is highly respected for his unique presentation style.

He is also a successful published author in the areas of Leadership and Small Business Management, selling over 10,000 copies of his books worldwide.

Amer’s book “The A to Z of Healthy Small Business“, published in Australia, India and Pakistan, has been highly regarded resource for small business owners. One of the most famous book, “Leadership Insights – Success Strategies from Pakistani CEOs” is the first leadership book written based on research with the leading CEOs of the country.

With significant experience in working with CEOs, Boards and Management Teams, Amer is able to work effectively with all of the stakeholders.

Amer has also worked with the leading international firms including KPMG and Deloitte over a seven year period in the early stages of his career in Australia.

Amer is a highly motivated and committed person who excels in leadership positions and strives to make a difference in every aspect of life. He is the founder of My Biz Pakistan Foundation an enterprise platform established to help young people start a real business. 

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