iOS 8 and Yosemite revealed at Apple WWDC 14

It looks like Apple is back to inspire us all again. On 2nd June 2014, Apple has announced a new programming language Swift, and has unveiled its new operating system, iOS 8, Tim Cook exclaiming it as “giant release and OS X (officially called Yosemite) for iPhones, iPads and Mac at WorldWide Developers Conference San Fancisco.


In the event Tim Cook, the C.E.O along with the team of executives, demo the new operating systems, and explained how Swift is different from Objective-C. While also criticising Android as being the mobile malware market. He explained, that only 9% of Android users are using the KitKat version on the other hand more than 97% of Apple users are on iOS 7. He didn’t stop there, adding that many of Apple’s 130 million customers have switched from Android because “they sought a better experience and better life”.


Regarding Swift, Apple says “Swift makes it easier than ever for developers to create incredible apps. By design, Swift helps developers write safer codes, can coexists with Objective-C ® code, so developers can easily integrate Swift into their existing apps.”


The prominent iOS 8 features that were revealed in WDC look promising. iOS 8 is pretty adaptable with computers that run OS X. The handover is amazingly swift, it let iPhone/iPad detects when Mac is nearby and easily transfer whatever you’re working on, on your Mac-this way you can continue from where you left. Instant Hotspot helps you connect with your tethering enable iPhone, without reaching for it. You can push your text messages as well to other devices via iOS 8. You can push text messages to othe iOS 8 devices and also can call directly from Mac. switcher screen app shows your recent contacts and let you call them with a click.


Then there is Mail app that allows you to swipe-delete the emails. The iOS offers a quick-type feature as well which suggest/guess your next word that you’ll be typing, not only this but it will learn the style that you have for official acquaintances and friends and will suggest words accordingly. Others features discussed were “location sharing”, “tap to talk”(you can record and swipe-send your voice message immediately, “VIP Email Thread”, “Family Sharing”, “Health Kit”, “Share-Purchases”(allows you to share app you purchased with people in your family,but all the family members must use the same credit card), “Purchase Request”(lets parents control what app their kids can have.)


App developers can sell lots of apps together for a marked down price and let you have the video previews of their apps on App Store. TestFlight in iOS 8 offers a beta testing option for free. And yes now third parties can have their custom keyboards. 3rd party apps can have TouchID logins,making iOS safer enough. Home Kit helps you control your entire house with your iPhone.


Jon Kaum,C.E.O of WhatsApp weren’t all smiles about Apple WDC, he was skeptical of they copying WhatsApp features in iMessage of iOS 8. The features common between the two apps include inserting video, audio and location sharing. Other features that Apple have borrowed are default delete that looks similar to that of SnapChat and file storage system that has its resemblance with Dropbox and Box.


iPhone 6 and iOS 8 is all set to be launched this Fall/Autumn. Lets keep your fingers crossed! You can also connect with us on  FacebookTwitter and Google+ 24/7.

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