‘Kia Scene Hai’ Making Sure That The Scene Is Always On

Well, we all wonder how we can know about the current happenings in the city from concerts to exhibitions to tech events to seminars and workshops. We all need to know to where we can entertain ourselves or get educated from in our free time.

Wondering time is over, colloquial saying “Kia Scene Hai” has been turned into reality. It’s been up for over an year now, launched in March 2013 making a big impact throughout the major cities of Pakistan and making people aware of the happenings in their cities. Currently, there are three major cities available at “Kia Scene Hai” i.e. Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Users can submit their events to advertise and making a listing of their event and others can avail that listing to be aware of the event filtered by today, tomorrow, week or month.

Kia Scene Hai

Kia Scene Hai

The aim of the website is simple, this is to catalogue all the events taking place in the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This would help a lot of people to be aware of the events coming in their cities of their specific category.

KiaSceneHai.pk revolves around keeping people updated with the latest happening in their city, making sure the ‘scene’ is always on,” says Shahid, Co-Founder of KiaSceneHai.pk.

“Everyone wants to go abroad, people dream of getting a job in the US, but we wanted to do something for Pakistan,” says Shahid.

The idea of an events portal was coined at lunch, as minds really do work better on a full stomach.

Kia Scene Hai? is always the question asked by Pakistani youth when deciding what the plan is for today or tonight.”

“Whether it’s the movies or just hanging out at a friend’s place, people always ask this very question and we thought, why not connect this phrase with event discovery?” continued Shahid.

As you visit the website, you can see first it asks for the specif

KiaSceneHai Android App

KiaSceneHai Android App

ic city you want to search for. Then after selecting it redirects to the screen where it give several options to the user, including selection of category of event and shows different kinds of events like Conferences, Exhibitions etc.

Android app and Windows Phone application for the website has been already launched, the iOS would be launched soon, “iOS and Android application are our number one priority” says the Co-Founder.

“The next few years will be even more exciting, as we’re planning to bring almost all cinemas in Pakistan on-board our online ticketing scheme through KiaSceneHai.pk,” he added.

Apart from an event discovery portal, KiaSceneHai.pk is Pakistan’s first company to provide online ticketing.

Well, bringing all of the cinemas in Pakistan on its online ticketing scheme is a great step as mostly people depend on internet and in Pakistan we need these kind of facilities to make things easier.

Right now, the online ticketing facility is only available at Lahore and they soon plan to launch in other cities.

If you are in Lahore, checkout the facility and avail it for nominal charges of 10% of the ticket price.

Checkout all the happenings in your town at “KiaSceneHai” to make sure the ‘Scene’ is always ‘AwnN’.

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