LCE – Start-ups To Successfully Bag Seed Funding

LCE.. I am sure you have heard of it. No? Are you for real? (LOL). Joke’s apart, LCE is an incubator that was started about a year ago. But despite of the fact that it’s relatively new, LCE is already attracting some of the most exciting startups in our country. Local founders seem eager for mentor-ship and resources offered by this particular incubator.


LCE aims to build a comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem, with LUMS at its epicenter, that will bring together everything and everyone required to maximize the growth potential of Pakistani entrepreneurs.

The current batch of start-ups incubated at the LCE is a huge, diverse lot, with ideas that aim to improve and beautify consumer retail, beauty, and smartphone repair industries. Founders are working day and night towards building teams, perfecting their business models, and developing their products. An air of contagious energy and optimism prevails throughout the center with execution plans, marketing strategies, and launch timelines being debated and discussed all the time.

Some startups in the LCE have already gone on to receive further funding (way to go!), whilst others are in advanced negotiations with investors (good luck to them!). We will have a look at the start-ups that have received the funding and what are they about. Let’s begin…

  • H&O Services:

LCE - H&O services

Home & Office Services is a blue collar worker’s placement and management company. They provide police verified workers, solving the issues which exist in Pakistani blue collar market regarding joblessness, unreliability and security to a great extent. Team H&O aims to use innovative technology to bring new kinds of services which previously were scarce in blue collar services locally.

  • Operation Status: Active
  • Team Size: 4
  • Funding Milestones:Closed first round of seed funding, valuing the company at US Dollars 6 figure.
  • Website: H&O Services

  • InteraCta:


InteraCta is similar to music detection service Shazam. Interacta’s smartphone app senses the sound coming from the television content currently showing, which then triggers a response on the phone. In the case of audience-driven shows such as quiz competitions, users can view questions on the app and participate directly without being physically present in the broadcast studio.similarly in cooking shows, audiences can view the recipe shared directly on the app. Broadcasters can also use Interacta’s app for advertisements, by promoting special offers or products that appear on the screen.

  • Operation Status: Active
  • Team Size: 7
  • Funding Milestones: US Dollars 6 figure investment (raised US$220,000 in seed funding).
  • Website: InteraCta

  • Vivid Technologies:


Vivid, another great Pakistani Startup, is working on a technology to improve the customer experience by introducing a visual navigation IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in a clutter-free, simplified and more consumable manner on the smart phones. Not only can this solution reduce wait time to approximately ten folds, but it can also decrease traffic for incoming call centers by approximately 35 percent.

  • Operation Status: Active
  • Team Size: 9
  • Funding Milestones: Closed their seed funding round with $350,000.
  • Website: Vivid Technologies

These are a few Start-ups from LCE that have successfully received the fundings. We, at Blogogist, wish them all the best! What do you think about them? Do you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to share with us? Please feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, suggestions with us in the comments sections below. You can also connect with us on  FacebookTwitter and Google+ .




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