LHC Case Information – Just a Call Away

Have you even had to bear the brunt of going to LHC (Lahore High Court) just to find out about basic information regarding a case? Pretty annoying, isn’t it? So much time is wasted, you have to pay your lawyers and the staff your hard earned money, only to find out about the hearing dates and progress etc. of your cases. This is especially irritating if you live in a far off area and have to come to LHC just to find out about the next hearing date. Well, worry no more good people! We have some good news for you…

PITB has now deployed a Lahore High Court help line, giving easy access to citizens.

LHC case Information - Just a call away!

LHC case Information – Just a call away!

PITB is behind this awesome initiative. Umar Saif, being the Vice Chancellor & Chairman, is the master mind behind this. If you don’t already know him, he is a Pakistani computer scientist and entrepreneur, who is known for his work on using ICT solutions for developing-world problems. Under his competent leadership, PITB is busy solving real world problems in order to make life easier for the people of Pakistan.

Good news, isn’t it? You won’t have to go to LHC and pay your lawyers and staff only to find out the basic information regarding your case and hearing dates. All you gotta do is dial 1134, help line number of LHC information cell. This initiative has literally made case information just a call away.  For this very purpose, Email addresses and numbers of the lawyers were taken and also the data of all the cases was added in the CCC’s centralized data base.

Lahore High Court Helpline! Case Information just a call Away!

This is how it works: A brief SMS will be sent to litigant(s) / lawyer(s) with details of required case fixations. A litigant / lawyer can now easily see the status of his case via SMS. Callers can call on this helpline and get details of their case status, next hearing date etc.

The chief justice said that helpline 1134 launched earlier was functioning successfully. Now case information is just a call away. “People from far off places are getting status of cases in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Seraiki languages,” he added.

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