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Terrestrial radio had almost been shown the door by satellite radio in past several years.  A plethora of listening devices like the ancient CD players in their car have been quietly dumped by many drivers who did not even give a cursory glance at them all. Satellite radio sound reproduction is far better than the older methods of listening.  However, satellite radio itself, has in its turn, given way to internet radio.


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 Let us turn our attention to internet radio, the legitimate topic for the day. Unlike conventional radio stations, internet stations do not normally broadcast inane advertisements extolling virtues or someone’s beef or someone else’s superior acupuncture treatment.  You will not have to face the prospect of losing a station as a result of your driving out of the range of the station. Internet radio can cover the whole terrain as you know it.

A surprisingly interactive level can be reached in using internet radio. The feasibility and convenience in internet radio is missing in satellite radio. If it is your considered opinion that Justin Bieber had better go back to school and want to move away as quickly as possible from the abhorrent station that is playing Beiber’s song and by accident, tune into a station playing the fag end of the Grateful Dead’s A Touch of Grey, you could kick yourself for not arriving here a bit earlier.

 The fear of losing out on listening to a favorite leads you to toggle between many presets only to listen snatches of several songs which is even more annoying. You can right away turn to internet radios to solve all these problems.  Do not like a song? You can banish it from your listening list. Want to hear a song more than once? Press the button meant for it and you can hear more of it in any given schedule. And, it is all free unlike satellite radio!

Some internet radio stations charge a small fee that is considerably lesser than satellite radio charges but if you consider what you get in return, you would not grudge them the fee. You can play the station on a smartphone while you are travelling.  You can wirelessly stream your favorite songs into your car’s audio systems in some models like Ford Focus Dodge Charger or BMW 528i etc. You do not even have to worry about not having Bluetooth in your 3G phone. You can use an audio jack to plug in. All you gotta do is to register yourself for free and you are on. Listen to only what you like and chuck out what you do not fancy.  You can choose songs or even documentaries from genre, sub-genre and sub-sub-genre. You can create your station which you can also share with other listeners.

 There are innumerable internet radio stations like Jango, Pandora, Absolute Radio, Grooveshark each vying with one another to get more subscriptions. And, the ever reliable YouTube is always there for you.

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