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Ever wondered what if your friends or colleagues at office see your personal stuff in your mobile? Or the photos that you take out with your girl friend get leaked at your home while your mother skimming through your mobile? Let LocPro, a start-up incubated at Plan9, takes care of your privacy anywhere based on your location! An Android application that makes your smart phone even smarter!

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Today LocPro has been officially launched on Android. BlogoGist is pleased to have a chit chat with the LocPro team at this ice breaking event for the LocPro team! (By the way, we wish them the BEST of luck!)

LocPro - BlogoGist

Let’s start with some quick question answer session:

Your product/company’s full name?
Virtual Proz is the company name and the application we have just launched is called LocPro, a location based smart phone application.


Tell us something about your product?
LocPro ensures gallery and application privacy, manages phone settings and contacts automatically on the basis of location. We are developing this app for Android smartphones. The application is only available on Google Play store for now.
Who came up with this idea? How and from where did you get inspiration?
We got inspiration from some daily life problems faced by smartphone users.


When was this initiated?
June 2013


What are the initial problems you faced to make this happen?
The main problems we faced were getting accurate location updates while consuming minimum battery, making a very simple design so that user can use the application easily.


Sounds great! How big is your team? Tell us something interesting about how you work and stuff like that. :)
The team consists of the four members.


Arsalan Mehmood
He is the CEO and co-founder of Virtual Proz. He leads all the mobile development. He has plenty of experience as a freelance android developer. He has worked on a lot of apps including remote administration, social media search, fitness apps, schedulers, location based apps and many others.


Muhammad Irfan
Irfan is working as a lead software engineer. Besides this he is also responsible for research oriented work and Windows phone development. He has experience in mobile app development and malware research. He loves to read about tech related things.


Muhammad Zubair Ashraf
Expert in software configurations, he is working as an Android developer. Besides development he is also responsible for all the quality assurance among our products. He has developed magazine apps, e-cart apps, games and some Wi-Fi based apps for Android phones recently.


Shahid Mehmood
He is responsible for all the creative design work at Virtual Proz. He is into the design since his childhood. He is experienced in designing with Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and other popular designing tools. He is very creative with his work and passionate too.


What are your future plans? How do you see your product/start-up after 5 years?
In future our first priority will be to make necessary improvements in LocPro on the basis of our users feedback. Other than LocPro, our users will have a lot of applications coming out by Virtual Proz, very soon!


Well, we can go on and on with these geeks but let’s have a look at their official launch now!


People often share their mobile devices with their fellows and suddenly realize that there is some “personal” content that they don’t want the other person to see. This is the exact problem that LocPro solves for you without any hassle.
LocPro ensures your privacy and manages your phone according to your location. Let’s look at some of it’s exciting features:

Location Based Gallery Security
Using this feature user can hide different images on the basis of location.
For example, you don’t like your colleague to see your personal images in case your share your mobile phone. LocPro automatically manages gallery contents according to different locations.

Location Based Contact Management
LocPro allows user to hide contact details, hide call history and SMS on the basis of location. And some other features like call blocking and auto responding etc.


Location Based App Lock
Often at home, kids can make a call, send an SMS or post a status on FaceBook while playing with phone. So, using this feature user can lock your apps on the basis of location. Bam, this is so easy!


Location Based Phone Settings
People often get embarrassed when their mobile rings during a prayer or in the middle of an important meeting or during a lecture. Using LocPro user can automatically control volume of his mobile on different locations. Other than the sound settings, user can also manage other settings such as wallpaper, screen brightness and wireless settings.


Location based Reminders
Very important feature it is – it also reminds you about your tasks as you pass from a location. Huh! Thanks to LocPro!


Well, before we leave our best wishes for these guys from Pakistan, we would love to leave a few screenshots exclusively taken by BlogoGist.

Don’t forget to share your experience about the application in the comments below.


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