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Are you a budding entrepreneur? Do you have an innovative idea that sets you apart from the rest? Do you have a wish to take your business idea to the next level and show it off to the world? If you answer in affirmative then we have the solution for you! Many of you must have heard about LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, have you? But if you haven’t let us give you a quick overview.

Launching Ceremony at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship

Inaugration at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship

LCE, launched on 17th May 2014, with a vision “to become the largest breeding ground of sustainable ,high growth commercial and high impact social venture in Pakistan”. It is opening new horizons for people who want to set up their own businesses and provide all the guidelines to help them set it up. LCE is working to develop the most thorough experiential platform for Pakistani entrepreneurs by 2016.

LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship helping you succeed.

Show-off your dreams at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship

LUMS has always been known for its entrepreneurial excellence. From Nishat Chunian Limited, a spinning factory, of Shahzad Saleem to e2e, Pakistan’s leading Logistic Services, of Abid Butt. And from LumenSoft Technologies, IT Consultancy, of Abdul Aziz to Eyedeus Labs, a startup developing Computer Vision Technologies for SmartPhone, of Rehan Ali-LUMS have a leading list of inspiring entrepreneurial stories that actually inspire you to breathe life into your dreams. LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship offers a 4 months long business incubation program but for you to be the part of it, you need to have a solid startup plan because it will be scrutinized along with hundreds of other inspiring startups by the Foundation Council,don’t forget you are there to make a lasting impression. Upon selection you will have the opportunity to avail all kind of facilities,you get 24/7 telephone and internet facilities, you access LUMS library, gym and labs, you get to meet the professional faculty and ofcourse you have the opportunity to be mentored by the masters of the game. For startups it actually is a win-win situation.

Be innovative at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship

Place where your dreams come true-LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship

Apart from the Foundation Program, LCE organises events throughout the year-The Scouting Season-at LUMs. Universities from all over Pakistan participate in these events. It helps young minds share their thoughts and ideas and get valuables advices from the established business individuals. For all these facilities, you don’t have to pay a penny but once you have held your grounds you will have to share a meager equity/share with lowest is 2.5% and highest is 7.5% of your profit, depends on the facilities that you availed during startup foundation.

LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship explaining how Equity/Share Concept works

Concept of Euity/Share explained at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship with the help of infograph.

LCE does not stop here, it has planned to build a Corporate Intrapreneurship and Innovation Centre. As Khurram Zafar,Executive Director of LCE explained,

“We plan to develop a matching platform for connecting skilled artisans and craftsmen with marketers with hope that their mating will result in a promising business like Popinjay and Hometown Shoes”

If reading all this, wakes the entrepreneur in you, don’t wait any further, wear your thinking cap and apply now as there are still 2 slots available to be filled in. Who knows maybe you’re the one they are waiting for!

For further details, checkout LCE website and facebook page.

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