MakeSpace, The Physical Dropbox – Sounds Interesting?

Are you tired of having to make storage spaces around your house in an effort to store your precious old things.. things that hold some very important value to you? Are you one of those people that have to give up (sell/give away) their memorable stuff only because they don’t have enough space to store them? Or do you travel alot? Have to keep shifting because of your love for traveling? Well, worry no more! MakeSpace has come to the rescue!

MakeSpace is:

Screenshot_4MakeSpace is a Full Service Mini Storage in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens – NYC and NJ . They started out their services last year and their goal was simple; bring storage facilities like DropBox, SkyDrive etc to the physical things – giving them the same organized and convenient services as of cloud storage.

What’s more….

Today MakeSpace announced that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding, led by Upfront Ventures and with participation from Founders Fund and OATV, among others.

With MakeSpace, you don’t need to give your things up only because you are short on space. All you gotta do is follow up their simple instructions and the next thing you’ll know is, your stuff all safe and sound in a nice digitized storage! MakeSpace is here to change your way of storing your precious things.

This is especially handy if you travel alot and have to carry your (unnecessary) things along with you each time. Well worry no more. You can store your things that you don’t really need on day to day basis in MakeSpace’s storage facilities and carry what you really need. Isn’t that amazing?

All you gotta do is follow their simple instructions:


This service is not just for NY people. Whole world can benefit from it. If you are an international resident and want to avail this service, there are some simple steps for you as well!

They call it: Storage by Mail!


According to MakeSpace officials:

Users can also opt to have photos of each bin’s contents taken, so that they can see what they actually stored online. “We create a digital catalog, which 99.99% of our customers opt in for, and we take an overhead photo of the boxes in a studio,” Rosen says. “So if you’re looking for a ‘beige sweater,’ you know which beige sweater you actually stored.”

Pretty simple, ain’t it? What’s that you ask? Oh right! the Payment…. What’s that? you’re also worried about it being redelivered and stuff? Well, they have a very simple answer to your questions..

Screenshot_6We also found some user reviews here. And let me tell you this.. What we’ve read so far are all POSITIVE!



So what do you people think? Amazing right? Are you people going to use it? Do let us know in comments section below.

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