Microsoft Hackathon 2014 – Pakistan

Microsoft is organizing its Hackathon 2014 at Expo Center Lahore and is anticipated to have over 500+ teams participating from all over Pakistan. The registration is Free and is however open till 15 February 2014. This is an amazing chance to develop applications on Windows 8.1 and win amazing prizes. The participants will be provided refreshments as well. Some key rules and regulations of the event are provided below. Furthermore, the date of the event has not been yet finalized but officials say it is expected to be on 22nd & 23rd February or 1st & 2nd March of the coming month.

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Hackathon 2014

Hackathon 2014

Rules and Regulations for the Event:

  • Students and professionals both can apply.
  • You can apply individually or as a team (consisting of 4 members maximum).
  • A team can work on multiple ideas/apps.
  • Formation of team is your personal choice. A team may consist of students, professionals, teachers, etc. from same or different institution/company.
  • You can choose any one of below mentioned theme for your app/s.
  • Innovation
  •  Games
  • Citizenship
  • Special Prize will be given for the Maximum number of apps developed by a team /individual
  • Please make sure that same app will not be able to compete in more than one theme however the same team can compete in multiple themes.
  •  Bring your own PC/laptop having the tools/SDK or we will provide you all the tools to build apps. You can also get the tools/SDK from MIC Lahore or through our MSPs.
  • Following tools will be available.
  • Windows 8.1 (90 day trail)
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Windows Azure SDK 2.2.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools
  • Download links to these tools can be found at:
  • The registration deadline for Microsoft Hackathon is 15th February, 2014.
  • Participation in Microsoft Hackathon is FREE. You will have to manage your own transportation to the event. Accommodation/Lunch will be provided.
  • To be eligible for contest prizes, you will need to submit developed Windows Store (8.1) app/apps during the hackathon in-front of the judges.
  • You can start building your app/s NOW but do not forget to get registered by 15th February 2014.
  • You arrive in hackathon with partially/nearly completed app and spend your time with mentors during hackathon to complete, uplift app quality and submit app/apps to the store) that uses Windows, and/or Windows Azure.
  • Replacement or change of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration time out or competition has begun.
  • An individual member can be part of more than one team/s.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the team and not to individual team members.
  • It is strongly suggested to bring your own Wifi connectivity (EVDO, Wingle, pocket modem, etc.) alongside
mic hackathon 2014

Microsoft Hackathon 2014 by MIC Lahore


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