MindRDR and Google Glass – Socialize with No Hands and No Voice

I am sure you people have read about Google Glass. Google Glass has a lot of potential for helping paralyzed people get a good dose of independence in their lives. The device doesn’t really require hands to operate, instead it takes orders via voice commands.

If you think this is it, think again! We got some big news for you….

A company called This Place Ltd. has introduced a somewhat unexpected capability for Google Glass of using a person’s brainwaves to control its functionality. It’s called MindRDR.


 MindRDR is an open-source app that provides an interface between the already available NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset and the software within Google Glass.

This revolutionary Google Glass app allows the user to take photos without having to push a button. Thinking about actually taking a photo does the job. To take photos of what a wearer sees, he simply needs to concentrate hard and the brainwaves are then read and translated into action. “Relax and concentrate“- that’s what the app wants you to do to take a photo with the hi-tech specs. No need to voice or command or touch the specs as the mind can tell the Glass.

According to This Place:


What does it all mean?

They measure the brainwave patterns that are gathered from your session with MindRDR. You can find out what they mean by looking at the tables below:





For now, the only real capability of the system is to use one’s mental focus to take a picture of the scene in front of Google Glass, but the app can be made to trigger and control different functions. This app is certainly a big breakthrough for disabled people who feel helpless when it comes to seizing the moment in the form of pictures.

What happens when the photo is taken? Once the photo is taken, the user can choose to easily share on social media sites. Cool or what?!

According to CEO, This Place:

“Google Glass is one of the world’s most recognizable and popular pieces of wearable technology, but after getting our hands on it, the challenge of connecting it to brainwaves was one we could not resist.

How does it work?

A horizontal line appears in the middle of the display. The line moves to the top as users concentrate. The closer the line is to the top, the better. As the top of the screen is fully reached, the Google Glass then captures the image.

A new screen will appear after taking a picture that will allow the user to prompt the Glass what to do next: discard the image by “relaxing” or share it by concentrating again.

Future of MindRDR:

For now, it is limited to taking photos and sharing them on social networking sites but we are sure that this amazing app will not be limited to taking and sharing photos for long. We can see the system interacting with other hardware such as wheelchairs, televisions, and maybe even self driving cars to let just about anyone with serious disability to be able to do things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do on their own.

‘This Place is already in conversation with Professor Stephen Hawking, along with others, about the possibilities MindRDR could bring as the product evolves,’ creative director of This Place, Chloe Kirton said.


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