MobiPack – Easy Way of Subscribing Telecom Packages

“What? You just have one SIM? Like, seriously”, Well, yes in Pakistan you can’t just have one SIM,it’s just not possible! SMS packages of Telenor may be better than that of Ufone or ufone call packages may cater to your need better than that of Telenor. And you want both, good SMS package for nonstop messaging or cheaper call rates to pour your heart out to your friends-in short in the end you keep switching between the SIMs! But now you don’t have to do it! Simply download MobiPack, from app store and you’re done.

The MobiPack is an app by Centsol, a company that provides technology consultancy to businesses, works on software products, and make apps that can make life simpler. MobiPack is just so easy to use. After installing the app all you have to do is choose the mobile operator you are using from the top left column (near this cute little red eyed bird) and you will get all the info regarding its SMS, call or internet packages. And with just a few clicks you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the package of your choice. Now you don’t have to keep all those complicated codes for packages!

Remember when your friend is in dire need for that extra Rs.30 but you can’t share your balance because you actually don’t remember the code and method for sharing. Now sweat no more, you can just go to “share balance” section, type in the SIM from which you want to share balance, find the friend from your contact list and type in the amount you want to send. Viola! you’re done!

Apart from the usual packages you can check the “More section” to subscribe for special offers, song downloads, mms packages, or sport news. Then it has a news section regarding mobile services, donate section which you can use if you’re feeling generous to donate to Shaukat Khanam and Sahara trust. And if you get those annoying SMS from time to time from strangers you can block their numbers without losing your temper. There is an emergency section too, that have all the required numbers that you can use when you’re in trouble.

All in all it’s a simple app that makes your cellphone usage even simpler. We think you should immediately download and install it in your mobile devices as well, trust us you won’t regret!

Enjoy the easy way of subscribing or un-subscribing packages on your cellphone.

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