Motorola Making A Smartphone of Your Choice

Motorola has flushed a thought of challenging the world of existing smartphone technology. It is plotting to launch a Mobile of your choice. Now, you will be having the opportunity to make your own smart phone by setting your required configuration. Is it not amazing that customers shall be enable to decide what kind of cell phone they intend to keep?




Motorola and its revolutionized projects have unfolded the idea of making different pieces of smartphone. In simple words, you can add processor , camera, casing, screen , keypad, and side buttons of your own choice.  This versatile modular smart phone  shall surely rock in the Mobile market.



Reportedly, a Motorola team comprised of its employees and third party  members have met with the Dave Hakkens, the creator of the PhoneBloks concept. In the meeting, it has been decided that a joint initiative shall be taken and all the stakeholders; community , projects and Motorola company would collectively give input to make it happen.
The company has also decided to seek  applications from developers in the following months and intending to unfold the developer kit (MDK) in the upcoming winter.
Astonished? No need of it. Take a review of this revolutionized development and decide what kind of cellular phone you will have in your future.
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