MtGox Hacker tricked people to install Bitcoin Stealer

The News will blow everyone’s mind ! If you’re a BitCoin holder then you might be aware of MtGox , One of the World’s biggest BitCoin exchange. A few days ago, some unknown hacker breached into the personal blog and Reddit account of MTgox CEO, Mark Karpeles to level charges of fraud. After hacking into the MtGox Blog , the hacker uploaded and posted a ZIP file of 716 MB named . These were the database dump of MtGox’s blog  but this turned into a BitCoin wallet stealing malware  , according to the research carried out by Kaspersky Lab.




So the whole MtGox 716 MB ZIP file was invented to steal Bitcoin wallet files from the victims computers with the Bitcoin stealer malware.

We detect the Windows Trojan (MD5:c4e99fdcd40bee6eb6ce85167969348d), a 4.3MB PE32 executable, as Trojan.Win32.CoinStealer.i and OSX variant as Trojan.OSX.Coinstealer.a. Both have been created with the Livecode programming language – an open-source and cross-platform application development language.” according to Kaspersky.



This malware works on MAC OSX and Windows and this malware searches for bitcoin.conf and wallet.dat files (Bitcoins) on infected system and send them back to the Command and Control Server of malware which is located in Bulgaria but now it’s down.


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