Music Lovers! Grab Patari App, NOW

For all the music lovers, if you love Pakistani music, don’t wait – just go and grab this awesome app named Patari. This app claims to be Pakistan’s largest music streaming app.

One thing is for sure, we have reviewed the app and it is SUPER smooth that you can easily fall in love with it.

Patari is available on all the main platforms, i.e. www, Android and iOS.

Without holding you guys back further, lets look at the breathtaking user experience of Patari.

You can login via Facebook as well. One this is not clear as why Patari needs to fetch your friends list.

Here is the awesome inside view of the app:


Don’t miss how important it is to connect with your users and this app does it nicely! If you have any feedback, just shake your app while listening to music and you can ping Patari team right away! Bang, they really care about their music lovers.

Patari brings you fresh picks of the day right on your home screen. A player at the bottom of the screen makes it really easy to play music from your playlist. Background music streaming makes it a perfect streaming app.

You can not only go through different compilations of Patari but also mark your favorites and create your own playlists.

Search whatever you want to, have Patari and love the music. The app has been really fun to use from all aspects. Apart from this aspect, it is very important to note how Patari is serving as a platform where Pakistani musicians can own their music. More power to the team!

Don’t miss out this app and also sharing your thoughts under the comments section here! Enjoy and keep coming back to read more awesome stuff on BlogoGist.

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