NaSCon 2014 – Legacy Continues

Ladies and gentlemen! FAST-NUCES proudly presents to you… NaSCon!


Organised by FSS (FAST Students Society), first international episode of (NaSCon) NAtional Students CONvention 2014 aims at solving the problems of Pakistan by giving direction to the youth in aligning their passions with their academia to secure a brighter future.

NaSCon is one of the biggest events that is organized annually by FAST National University, Islamabad campus. This event comprises of Different Computer Science, Engineering and Business competitions. Teams from all over the country participate in the competitions and show their mettle.

NaSCon '14

The social media team of NaSCon is very active and comprises of students and Aluminis. They have set quite a standard for all the student related events, which is outstanding!

NaSCon started in 2001 and is held every year since then. NaSCon is known to come up with the solutions for current problems through it’s amazing events comprising of various themes. This year’s NaSCon is all about “Innovation Unleashed”, so you can tell that it’s all about innovations!

NaSCon '14


 This event captures the spirit of entrepreneurship and social development as it focuses on three main ideas; Social Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Economic Sustainability.

As mentioned earlier, this event comprises of different Computer Science, Engineering and Business competitions. 26 competions will be held and they will include virtually everything. You will notice an event that is going to be held for the very first time in Pakistan, namely, “Debug Police“. The prize money for winners of each competition is about 50,000 PKR.

This competiton holds something for every one so students and professionals from all fields are invited! weather you are  a geek, designer or a science enthusiast, you are WELCOME!

Details of competitions are as follows:

CS Competitions:
1 – Speed Programming
2 – Debug Police
3 – Web Development
4 – Mobile App Development
5 – Quiz Competition
6 – Poster Design Competition
7 – Software Project Competition

BBA Competitions:
1 – AD MAD
2 – Business Plan Competition
3 – Business Case Simulation
4 – Marketing Plan Competition
5 – Idea Candidate
6 – Accounting Guru

EE Competitions:
1- Circuit Mania
2- Interface A Thon
3- Robo Sprint
4- Battle of Bots
5- Math Marathon
6- MATLAB Master Quest
7- Engineering Problem solving
8- Engineering Project competition
9- Scavengineer

1- Extreme Gaming Competition
2- Little Artists
3- Chess
4- Carnival
5- Concert
6- Mushaira
7- Spring Festival

You can visit their FaceBook official page and website to stay connected and for registerations!

Event Sponsors: MIA(Silver Spoon), Hamdard and Murry Brewery, CandyLand, IFFF, Iffti’s, Pakistan Science Foundation(Business Case Simulations), Imperial Watches(Ad Mad) and Pakistan International Airlines(Ideal Candidate).

Event Partners: Coca Cola, Tutti Frutti.

Knowledge partners: Knowledge City.

Media Partners: FM 107.

BlogoGist is the Social Media partner for NaSCon’14. We will be bringing you the complete coverage of this mega event, so keep checking back and stay tuned!

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