Now banks will pay Microsoft for running it’s ATM

You believe ? or not  but 95% percent of the ATM’s all around the world are using Windows XP and upgrading it  would  be an expensive problem. Machine designer NCR says that only few banks around the world will upgrade the ATM’s   to a new OS before official Windows XP support ends on 8th April  , if they still want so they would need to pay to Microsoft If they still want its support.

As seen , ATM’s are vulnerable and exploitable so is it because of Windows XP ? Yeah it is  because of Windows XP. Windows XP is too vulnerable as thousands of Security Researchers found thousands of exploits on it. For maintaining the security of the ATM’s , Banks must upgrade their ATM’s to the new OS as that would be hard to exploit and would keep there users safe somehow.



Windows XP  is the most vulnerable Operating System ever, Windows XP was hard to patch so Microsoft decided to end it on 8th April, I would recommend all of the users to shift towards Windows 7/8 If they’re still using Windows XP.


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