NUTEC’14 Day 1 Happened at FAST Peshawar

It is said that desperation is a stinky cologne, but when it comes with motivation, brings inspiration and that is what we witnessed in the 1st day of NUTEC. Participants in all their glory, from the prestigious universities all over Pakistan, joined.


Opening ceremony held with the Chief Guest was Justice(r) Mian Muhammad Ajmal. Let’s quickly take a look at the events happened during day 1.

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E-gaming FiFa’14 went amazingly well till 5 PM.  Men wearing white shalwar kameez with black waist coasts (sign of unity) and girls wearing cultural dresses created an awesome atmosphere at the event.

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After this, CS Quiz competition took place.  SHARIAH BUSINESS TALK SHOW was also conducted. Advertisement competition got started at 6. During the event, different ads were created with the crowd going crazy, yeah, CRAZY! Speakers in the panel were from the leading universities of Pakistan.

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There was then cultural dance representing the tribe of PAKHTUNS. Lastly, as a sign of peace, sky lanterns were released high in the sky with blissful colors through fire light – this is the real Pakistan!

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REMEMBRING THE PAST, ENJOYING THE PRESENT, ROARING INTO THE FUTURE was the slogan for the alumni dinner, happened at the end of the day, where all the previous graduated students were invited.

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Day 1 ended in all its glory with a movie being played in lawn as an open theater. It was a real fun being at NUTEC’14. Hell yeah! Stay connected for more! :)

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