NUTEC’14 – Day 2, The Excitement Continues

1ST day of NUTEC’14 was amazing as has been described in our post on NUTEC’14 – day 1 but wait, the 2nd day of NUTEC’14 was filled with extraordinary excitement, buzz and VERY high spirits! We were overwhelmed with joy to see everything transcending even further; it wasn’t nearly close to being in the same vicinity of the day 1, but MUCH MUCH better!


Here is how it went on the NUTEC’14 – Day 2:

Web development marked the beginning of the day with developers, programmers and web enthusiasts from all over Pakistan. With so many talented brains, it made this competition a trying one for everybody competing.


Gamers were indulged in E-gaming, very exciting and close competitions in FIFA’14, Counter Strike and NFS Most Wanted. It went on from morning till 4pm. Who said gaming is easy! the tension and excitement rose at every turn of the road, every kick to the football and every bullet being shot! What great matches!


The event was boosted to mind boggling heights due to the presence of none other than Dr. Asad Umar (MNA Citizen of PAKISTAN) in his Entrepreneurship Conference. His presence always brings excitement and enthusiasm because of his great personality and a whole ocean of knowledge! he concluding his conference by asking the people:

why consign yourself to such damnation with the fear of failure when you can be the hero of doing something different.


Another exciting event was Scavenger Hunt, the mind juicer event which took place at 11 and Team BlogoGist, with some fortunate luck, won the event. YAY! 😀

Hardware exhibition was a very unique event in itself! DIY Geeks came with such projects of unparalleled dynamism which words cannot define. All the projects were amazing. Pakistan is surely full of some great talent!

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School students from different reputable institutes took part in Science Exhibition and Science Kasoti. The kind of competition we witnessed made them one of their kind. The environment roared periodically due to intensity of competition among students. The audience cheered and applauded for the participants to their heart’s content!


Xtreme challenge marathon really did challenge the minds of the participants. It puzzled their minds and was a very tough but engaging kind of event. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the competitors jolting their brains to win the event.. It was amazing!

Short movies started playing at 4. They kicked off with a bang and such lush variety of movies was played that it totally amazed the crowd.

Day 2 of NUTEC’14 stood head and shoulders tall from Day 1 when “JAL THE BAND” made their appearance for the concert; making all the audience go crazy. The reception was worth seeing! every one was screaming with joy, enjoying their music and getting completely entertained. The atmosphere was completely electrified! Of-course, we enjoyed a lot too!


So the Day 2 of NUTEC’14 ended after lots of great and mind boggling competition and a whole lot of excitement! Stay connected for more!

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It is said that it’s never the question that is indiscreet, its only the answer. So was NUTEC’14 really bigger and better? Why not answer yourself and let us know in the comments section below.

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